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Principles of Effective Instruction

Discussion Title: Principles of Effective Instruction

  1. What are the eight principles of effective instruction?
  2. Describe the similarities and differences in the principles of effective technology and media utilization.
  3. What is the text literacy


References Text: Instructional Technology and Media Learning by Sharon E. Smaldino.

1. What are the principles of effective instruction?

  • getting to know the learners/analyze their skill and ability and getting to know their cultural backgrounds.
  • Set goals and clear objectives
  • develop metacognitive skills
  • provide social interaction
  • Select suitable media and materials for the learners
  • engage the learners
  • Assess or test the learners
  • Evaluate and revise to improve instruction

resource: http://www.yaulei.com/uploads/8/8/6/7/8867711/10guidinghandoutfinal.pdf

2. Describe the similarities and differences in the principles of effective technology and media utilization

  • both required specific literacy
  • require guidance from teacher in using tools for effective learning and enhance their skill in using technology
  • effective technology, teachers are required to take in or use technology in their classroom and guiding student effectively to improve the teaching and learning process.
  • media utilization, teacher are required to guide students for seeking new sources of contents, information by using text, television, video, records and many more to have clarification or verification of information.


3. what is text literacy?

Text literacy is the understanding of written, visual, spoken and multi-modal texts that were used by learners in composing and comprehends in order to qualify the goals in the curriculum area.It relates to the understanding of different types of text structures to present and deliver information, explaining, arguing and many more. It also relates to the understanding of how whole texts are made using correct grammar to have clear meaning.

resources: http://v7-5.australiancurriculum.edu.au/generalcapabilities/literacy/organising-elements/text-knowledge


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