Discussion : ASSURE Model (Siri 1)

1. What are the primary types of criteria used to analyze learners?

  • The primary types of criteria used to analyze learners is the information about their background. Which include age, grade level, gender, socioeconomic factors, their abilities and existing knowledge, skills, cultures, ethnic or other types of diversity.



2. Why are learning objectives an important aspect of lesson planning?

  • To improve communication among teacher-students in classroom
  • To ensure teaching and learning are structured
  • To be used for planning activities so that’s it is going smoothly
  • Enables good assessment development
  • Enable teachers to give reflection and evaluation of their instructions/teaching and learning
  • Enables developments, improvement on teaching and learning


3. What are the four components of a well-written objective?

According to Heinich et. Al (2002) suggest that well written objective have four elements which is called the ABCD instructional objectives which is:

  • A : audience
  • B: behavior
  • C: conditions
  • D: degree


4. List and describe procedures for selecting, modifying and designing strategies, technology and media

  • Selects teaching methods/ a working outline according to the syllabus-which should be measureable.
  • Do research
  • Examining existing instructional materials
  • Arranging or modifying existing materials
  • Preparing Tailor-Made existing materials (tailor-made means specially made for particular purpose
  • Selecting and preparing learners activities
  • Feedback and evaluation




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