Kembara Citra Timur Siri2

The BEST trip I’ve ever joined! 14671191_10207581670995666_4822021239497203414_n

hey there!

I tell you, this places I’ve gone to is awesome! They have various cultures and I learned a lot about them. Including their crafts and design. We were here for academic purposes, but I enjoyed myself very much.

So we started our journey on Wednesday evening, 26th of October. we go there by bus. It was a long journey. Gosh. 8 hours and above. I’ve never been on a bus for more than 4 hours. I thought I was going to have car sickness, but, thank God, I don’t. So! I get to see places I haven’t been to. Well, I do fall asleep because of the long journey. We arrive at the guest house at Sri Padang Guest House about 1 o’clock in the morning. Indeed, it was tiring sitting on the bus for long.

The day after, 27th of october, at 8.30am we went to do wood carving at Besut, Terengganu to get some experiences for our project next semester. It was hard, but at least, I have learned how to carving eyyh! the place we went for wood carving is awesome! We have met the master of wood carving, and Gosh! the carvings a so beautifully done, smooth and have it’s own value. After finished about 4pm, we went to the Bukit Keluang for hiking. Yet, due to not ready for hiking, I just stayed at the beach enjoying the breeze near the shore. It was fun though I do envy those who have the energy and stamina to climb the Bukit Keluang, because it has an amazing view! It’s ok, I’ll collect my stamina and will go hiking in the future. haha! (In my dreams! but yes, I hope so)

On 29th of October, we went for Batik making at Bujin Studio at Kelantan. He was the masters of Batik production. He owns a Gallery and his designs, is beautifully done. I love his designs very much! So, since we have drawn our designs on the cloth, we “canting” the batik with wax (forgive me for my grammar. lol). it was hard at the beginning, but later I’ve learned how to control the canting, although there’s a lot wax split out from it’s pen. After canting, we have to color it. Wow it was a very long day because we took about 12 hours to finish coloring our batik. I was the last one to finish it. supposedly, we need to go to the museum but due to not enough time, we have to cancel it. It was indeed the longest and tiring day but I have fun finishing my batik, although I do feel a little bit stress. haha. But it’s normal. Special thanks to Bujin the designer for having us there, and also to my lecture Sir Adi for helping us and guiding us. Not forgotten my friends who supported me at the time I am feeling down, and also those who helped me coloring my batik. You are a blessing. 🙂

The next day, 29th of October we went to stadium Kelantan as well as Museum Kelantan. after that, we went to the street art gallery. What an awesome mural! In the future, I hope to visit there again.

On our last day, we have visited the Noor Arfa Batik Boutique. I’ve seen how batik was made, as well as weaving and much more. Besides that, they sell various designs of batik and fashions. Apart from that, they have provided us with a lucky draw. Too bad, I’m not lucky enough to win. haha. Just kidding. After that, we went to Pasar Payang at Terengganu. They sell various food and cloths of batik. It was a heaven of food! then, the last station we went is at the BTB, to buy “keropok lekor” one of the Malaysia famous food. after that, we head straight back to UiTM Puncak Alam. we arrive at 1 o’clock in the midnight. So, there’s my journey and it was a moment to remember! ❤









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