Discussion : JPEG vs JPEG2000

Explain in detail how JPEG compression works, and how JPEG2000 compression works in comparison. What are the advantages of these two types of compression


below are my findings.. these are the comparison i got from two sources.

          Aspect                          JPEG                   JPEG2000
      How it Works?
  • Utilizes only lossy compression.
  • Limited to only RGB data.
  • It makes images look inexpensive, due to the low complexity of technique, when using systems such as camera and viewers.
  • Offers both lossy and lossless compression in the same file stream
  • Offers the flexibility to either select high picture quality with fairly high compression ratio.
  • Can get a high compression ratio
  • Better compression tools than JPEG to have a high quality outcomes.
  • Produce higher quality of final image even though when using lossy compression.
  • Can handle higher channels of information compared to JPEG.
  • The outcomes of JPEG2000 looks more clear than the JPEG data compression.
  • Able to display images at different  resolution and sizes from same image files.

Resources: http://www.axis.com/files/whitepaper/wp_videocompression_33085_en_0809_lo.pdf



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