Discussion : Point of Sale KIOSK


Question and Answers:

1. Have you ever used a point-of-sale kiosk? Where? Did it have multimedia? Compare the way it functioned to traditional shopping; did the kiosk complement, replace, or make traditional shopping unnecessary?

I have used the kiosk at the international airport.  In my opinion, it is well functioned and ease our movement in the airport.  For example, we can use it for self-check in and get our boarding pass. We don’t need to go for a long ques except that if we have a luggage to be sent to the cargos. Yet of all the advantages that exist, there are limitations. Sometimes, it does not function well and need maintenance. The maintenance might be costly.  Not all things can be solve by technologies. From my experience, using kiosk at the airport may be easier but still need guidance from the staff.

2. Find point-of-sale kiosk in your community. Describe its look and feel. Observe people using it and describe any problems or advantages you observe

Through my observation, the kiosk in mall is really helpful to the consumers. There are many types of kiosk that can be found in the shopping mall or supermarket. One of the kiosk. I have used is the barcode scanner. For example, nowadays, barcode has been used instead of price tag. Thus, there are barcode scanners that been put near you. People don’t need to go seeking for employees at the market to ask for price. They just need to scan the barcode by themselves, and they will now the price. In my opinion,

The Advantages is that:

  1. Save times
  2. Less space
  3. Improve customer buying experience
  4. Reduce cost


  1. Difficult to use, as sometimes barcodes might be unreadable.
  2. Less communication
  3. Cannot resolve complex issues
  4. Need high maintenance
  5. high power of electricity


Resources: http://www.customerservice.ae/pros-and-cons-of-automated-customer-service




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