Discussion Title: Analog and Digital

  1. Discuss the differences between analog data vs digital data.
  2. Discuss two type of compression techniques; lossy and loseless compression.


1. the differences between analogue data and digital data:

Analogue data is form of data that use values which is smoothly changed from time to time. For example, sounds. sound waves indicate a very smooth change. Whereas, digital data, it rises from one value to the next in a step by step sequence. For example, digital data is stored in memory in form of 0s and 1s. the most near example to us is the digital clock.Analogue data may be slower than digital data in processing its signal but is more precise.

source: http://www.ictlounge.com/html/analogue_and_digital_data.htm


2. Two types of comperession techniques; lossy and lossless comopression:

Data compression is used to reduce the size of data so that the time to retrieve and transmit data can be decrease. Size of data will be smaller. Lossy compression is applied in many imaging application such as, video and digtal images. yet, it will reduce the quality of images and sounds. Whereas, lossless compression is aplied in applications such as text file compression. it uses more memory than lossly compression.

resource: https://www.cise.ufl.edu/~sahni/cop3530/slides/lec182.pdf


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