Discussion Title: Differentiate the terms of Media, Multi-Media and Multimedia

Before we start to create and innovate something related to the educational technology. There are terms need to be explain and clarify;

  1. Media
  2. Multi-media
  3. Multimedia


1. Media: Media or “medium” stands for text, graphic, interaction, sounds, animation, and video. Yet, it is divided by two. In my findings, the terms media is divided by   two which is traditional media and social media. the traditional media consist of television, radio, newspapers, magazine, newsletter, tax press and any other publication which is printed. Whereas, social media is the term used to describe the new generation of digital, computerized, networked information and communication technologies for examples, pictures, video sharing, internet forums, and blogs. the medium used to deliver these contents are application such as facebook, youtube, google and many more. In my opinion, both traditional media and the social media are used to transmit knowledge and content to the audience, users, or students. Correct me if I’am wrong sir..

resource: http://www.e-cartouche.ch/content_reg/cartouche/histcarto/en/html/LUnit1_LLearnOb1.html


2. Multi-media: the word “multi” means a variety, more than one, unity or a combination of. Media or “medium” as what I stated before, is the text, graphic, interaction, sounds, animation and video. It includes the the modern communications such as, photography, videos, musics, and internets. By all means, multi-media”, is the combination of the content in the media by using softwares.

resource: http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/multiple



3. Multimedia: As what I have stated before, multimedia is the combination of the contents or many media, usually two or more. it is often recorded and displayed by computers as medium. Multimedia is the capabilty to interact with the computer system when it is combined with multiple media. In line with that, it allows users to gain information and knowledge. Multimedia is often used in the educational area as teaching aids.

resource: http://geoffreyrockwell.com/publications/Multimedia.pdf



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