Discussion Title: Elements of Multimedia

Listed the important elements that should be consider in the development of multimedia products.


Through my findings, five (5) important elements that should be considered in the development of multimedia products. Mainly, Text, sound, images, animation and videos. Same like Aishah’s and Huda’s findings.

1. Text: a multimedia without text is just not complete. This is because text has been used as a common ways of communicating with the audience. it will make the content more understandable to others. it is a basic element in multimedia. Text is used to make the content more interactive and effective. In my readings, there are 2 types of text which is static text and hypertext.

2. Image: most important elements in a multimedia is images. it maybe 2D or in 3D form. images can be drawn or generated by computers or internet. (correct me if i am wrong).

3. Animation: the animation consist of still images with same type, I mean with same figure but different movement. these images are displayed so quickly to make continuos movement. in my readings, the animation can also be in 2D and 3D. it is a very powerful and effective elements to make the multimedia interesting. there are 2 basic types of animation which is path animation and frame animation.

4. Sound: Also important in multimedia production so make it more pleasing to the audience. it helps to attract the audience’s interest and attention.

5.Video: it refers to the recorded scene or events using video camera. by using these elements it will make the product more powerful to deliver information. In my reading, the video is divided by two types which is analaog video and digital video.

Resource: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/bitstream/10603/12961/11/11_chapter%203.pdf



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