Discussion : Vector vs Bitmap

Vector graphics can be turned into bitmapped images by rendering; bitmapped images can be turned into vector graphic by automatic/or manual tracing. What use could you make of each of these conversions?


In my finding, both vector and bitmap image has their own positive and negative uses. The bitmap image are made up of tiny pixels which cannot be seen by our eyes, thus, it will look like a complete images. Yet, the file size of bitmap images is often quite big to be stored. Thus, it is compressed to make it to smaller size and even can make the size adjustment.  When it is compressed, it will lose the quality of the images, which will look unclear. Or will lose its sharpness. When enlarging the bitmap images, we will see blocky images which must be avoided. For examples, when searching for images on the internet, there will be options of choosing large images (which consist large file size) and small images (small file size). To have the clear sight of images, we must choose the large size. Whereas, for vector graphic, which is created in software such as Illustrator, is the easiest and quickest way to get the clear and better design. Unlike Bitmap images, it take less space on the computer because of the file size is small, yet have large a large graphic. It can be scaled without loose it’s quality. It is often used in logo, maps making.

Therefore, in my opinion, choosing vector graphics are better because of the small file sizes, and can be customized according to myself. Other than that, it is more flexible in designing and have diversity in Options.

Resources: http://www.serif.com/blog/advantages-of-vector-graphics-over-bitmap-images/


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