We have been assigned to do a courseware which is related to KBSM syllabus for Visual Art Education. The topic that I choose is “Packaging”.

The objective of This lesson is to

`1. understand the history and development of packaging

2. Differentiate between traditional and modern packaging

3. state the characteristic, types and importance of modern packaging.

4. understand the principles of modern packaging.

Before we start doing the courseware, we have to proceed the design with our lecturer.

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While doing this courseware, I have some difficulty in using the Adobe Flash because I never learned this software before. some of the difficulty are:

  1. slow, it’s very hard to remember all the steps that are been taught.
  2. we only learned using this in such a short time thus we still don’t know what are the codings are to make an interactive courseware which is effective.
  3. we always got confuse with the coding. For example, we often misplace the coding which leads to a problem in playing the scene.

yet, some of the advantage we can get is that, in the future, we will be able to use technology in teaching Visual Art Education which is more interactive and by optimizing the sources of the internet for the students.

below are the storyboard that guides me to do my courseware


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above picture shows the storyboard. altogether I have 34 scene, but since most of it is the same, there I less it a little. haha.

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insights to what’s in my courseware. At least, I learned something rather than nothing.

upon making this courseware, I have prepared a tutorial video made by my own. 🙂


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